Our Goals

  • To actively promote and encourage the welfare and safety of the sled dog athlete.
  • To provide and encourage education of veterinarians, mushers, and handlers in all aspects of sled dog welfare and the supportive treatment of sled dogs.
  • To encourage the close cooperation between all sled dog organizations.
  • To support and encourage research for a better understanding of the racing sled dog.
  • To encourage sled dog organizations to have at least one ISDVMA voting member in attendance while planning racing events and present during races.
  • To support complete and accurate drug testing and permanent identification of racing sled dogs.
  • Through the cooperation with race organizations, encourage continuity of race rules regarding the uses and prohibitions of treatments and medications during races.

Our Mission

ISDVMA, a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), has the mission to enhance the well-being, welfare and safety of sled dogs through education, research, and the collaborative relationship with mushers, veterinary professionals, and race organizers.

ISDVMA Board Members



If you have an interest in furthering the cause of sled dog sports and are truly dedicated to the welfare of these magnificent athletic animals, join ISDVMA!

Membership costs $75 USD/year (voting membership), and includes our quarterly newsletter, an ISDVMA membership patch, and benefits (e.g., discounted conference registration fees, etc.). Click HERE for membership pricing and to join!